Labor Day weekend at Holly Beach

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Holly Beach was the place to be this Labor Day weekend.

"We wanted to come down and enjoy the sand, the surf and relax a little bit," said Max Houston.

"I like it just because there's not a lot of people around so we're just kind of here by ourselves and enjoying the day," said Lori Kennedy.

"We were doing the McNeese game on Saturday so we know we didn't have a whole lot of time, but Holly Beach is close enough for us," said Russie Rogers.

"We just wanted to get away where it was nice and quiet, a lot of beach to walk, pick up shells, and just peace and quiet, "said Joe Ann Labove.

Many travelers had to go the distance for their Labor Day getaway, but for some the trip was easy.

"I've been coming down to Holly Beach ever since I moved to Louisiana which was years ago. It's a place to come; it's our beach, "said Labove.

"Our family can come join us, stay as long as they want and their a thirty-minute drive from home if they don't want to stay," said Rogers.

Hurricane Rita did a number on the area as well as Ike, but despite the threat of another storm, Holly Beach is one of the fastest growing communities on the coast.

"I understand it's a lot better than it has been. I've seen photos and records of the devastation, I think they are doing a good job of cleaning it up," said Houston.

"It's good to see people come out and it's nice to see that people are investing back into this community," said Rogers.

Labor Day weekend brought lots of residents and visitors to Holly Beach. The environment at the beach is peaceful and relaxing, giving many reasons why people choose to come here.

"Just the relaxing part, listening to the waves and having a nice conversation," said Houston.

"Mainly here is the peace and quiet or you can have the solitude and peacefulness, and get away by yourself," said Labove.

Holly Beach; a little piece of paradise right here in Southwest Louisiana.

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