Documenting the Jeff Davis Eight

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One day after stepping off an 18-hour flight, Switzerland-based Kodiak Productions has begun filming. "This is truly a fantastic story in every way from the good and bad... and we're here to tell it," said documentary film maker Paul Nixon.

Nixon's latest project centers around the mysterious deaths of eight women that hang over Jeff Davis Parish in a span of four years.

"There's a wider issue than just the homicides - we're looking at Jennings as a whole, and trying to tell the story of the town. The voices are going to be the victim's families and we hope we can talk to as many people as possible and to tell their story as well as possible," said Nixon.

On this day, Nixon was talking with the sisters and daughter of Whitney Dubois. "We don't get an opportunity to have very much closure and this gives the family members the opportunity to be able to show people that there is light her with our loved ones there is good memories and there are children that are hurting," said Brittany Jones.

Dubois is the fourth victim. Her body was found dumped on a gravel road May 12th 2007. Her family is discouraged by the investigation.

"Our sister was number four, here we are victim #8. So it's very hard for us to deal with because we've dealt with it four times since our sister. It's like losing our sister all over again," said Jones.

As they look to celebrate what would have been Whitney's 29th birthday September 9th, they hope the documentary will not only bring some sense of closure but also open the door for more national attention.

"Hopefully it can bring some experience we need some tools we don't have something that can aid in the investigation," said Jones.

"I think what is going to break this case is going to be one piece of information - somebody who knows something and maybe they don't even know they know it," said Nixon.

The documentary crew will be here for a total of eight days. In that time they look to talk to as many people in the case, including law enforcement and the private investigator hired by the victim's families.

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