Jeff Davis Parish Schools start new disc golf program

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, has been around for years.

Now the Jeff Davis Parish School District is implementing the program in eight of their schools.

Students play disc golf every day for 30 minutes during their physical education period.

"It's similar to regular golf in that you tee off," says Tanya Gaudet, P. E. Teacher for Jennings Elementary School.

"You try to throw a Frisbee into a net," says Mallory Martinez, a student at Jennings Elementary School. "Then wherever it lands, you wait for everybody to finish and then you try to throw it in again."

Teachers at Jennings Elementary School feel it's a great a way to keep students active and healthy.

"In Louisiana we're number seven as far as childhood obesity goes," says Gaudet. "It's just one more thing they can get outside to do."

Gaudet also feels it is the perfect opportunity to educate students about a new athletic activity that is not real popular in southwest Louisiana.

"Disc golf is really big in Lafayette and Baton Rouge and I'm hoping it'll make it's way to this area," says Gaudet.

Students at Jennings Elementary School feel the most challenging thing about the new disc golf program is aiming it straight into the target.

"When you are playing you get so nervous you're going to miss it when it's close by," says Lemontey Mouton, a student at Jennings Elementary School.

While some get nervous, other students thrive off of the excitement.

"I like the run up, where you get to do a run up and then throw it," says Martinez. "It is a real fun game."

Students at Jennings Elementary School will continue playing disc golf for a few more weeks.

After that they will learn Frisbee football and flag football.

The new physical education program is a transition between the three athletic activities.

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