55 million dollar bond issue on November ballot

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - According to parish officials, we are running out of room in several parish arenas. Calcasieu voters are going to be asked to raise their taxes. Tonight, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury put a fifty-five million dollar bond issue on the November 14th ballot, along with a proposition to increase a maintenance tax.

"This is to accommodate their space needs and the growth that has occurred in the justice and law enforcement systems since the late 1980's," said Police Jury Administrator, Mark McMurry.

If the bond issue is approved by the voters, the first year will be paid entirely by gaming revenue. In the years to follow, gaming revenue will pay for fifty percent.

$14,500,000 will be used to expand the parish jail and add a courtroom so inmates will not have to be transported for trial dates.

$11,500,000 will be allocated to build a new family and juvenile court building.

$2,500,000 will be used for a judicial center addition and renovation.

$1,000,000will be used to make renovations on the old courthouse.

$1,000,000will be used to relocate and renovate the D.A.'s office.

$11,500,000 will be used to build a new courthouse complex parking garage.

$8,500,000 will allow for a new forensics facility and crime lab.

$4,500,000 has been allocated for the planning, designing, inspecting, and furnishing of these new facilities.

The second proposition would seek to renew and increase the courthouse and jail maintenance property tax.

"This includes the utility builds, the payment for insurance, the housing and feeding of the prisoners, the medical care for the prisoners," said Mark McMurry.

Juror Sandy Treme said, in the past the citizens have trusted the police jury. She pointed out that, currently, they have no debt, and once again asked for the trust of citizens.

"I am asking the people of Calcasieu Parish to trust us and to trust our staff to do the right thing," said Juror, Sandy Treme.   

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