Victims' friends speak out about Jeff Davis deaths

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After four years and eight women whose deaths remain a mystery there's growing distress in Jeff Davis Parish that progress in the investigation is too little and too late. Sarah Louviere knew all but one of the eight women. One was her first cousin. "These girls, I mean they were strong. I mean they weren't no little fragile girls from uptown. They would've fought for their life. They would have scratched, hit, kicked, punched, bit, something! I just can't understand why there's no kind of evidence, nothing!"

Sarah and her daughter Heidi LeDoux were especially close to 17 year old Brittany Gary who lived with them for a time. Says Heidi, "Like my sister. She was sweet, she was kind hearted. She'd do anything for anybody." Sarah admits, "She was like a daughter to me. This kid lived with me for two years."

They wonder if the cases are unsolved because of the victims' troubled pasts and drug problems and maybe even where they lived. Heidi expresses her frustration this way.  "Let it be a judge's daughter or a cop's daughter or something, they'd be on top of it. But these girls, they ain't nothin' to 'em because we don't live on one side of the track." Sarah agrees.  "They are nobodies but they're wrong, they are somebody, they are human beings."

Sarah says someone needs to be a voice for the victims. They'd also like to see an independent outside agency in the case. "They just need to call somebody else in and somebody needs to do something. I mean this is just, it's plumb ridiculous."  Says Heidi, "They need to bring in the big dogs."

And the way they see it, time is short in a community where many live in fear of who might become the next victim. Says Heidi, "You never know, you know. He might be at the store watching you. He could be a cop. He could be your uncle. He could be your daddy. He could be anybody. Every year, we're losing another girl." Sarah says, "I mean, enough's enough. Whoever he is, stop! stop! turn yourself in. You're a sick person. You're a sick individual."

Jennings police are investigating a complaint from a 17 year old girl that a man in a light blue pick up truck tried to grab her and pull her into his vehicle on Plaquemine Street between 8:30 and 9 p.m. Monday, August 17th-- two days before the body of the last victim, Necole Guillory, was found.

Police are looking for a baby blue truck with a dark blue stripe on the side. The stripe is said to resemble the graph on a heart monitor.

The man driving the truck is described as a white man with grayish white hair and wearing big glasses. The teen described the hair as longer on top, flipped over and slicked down and she said he was wearing a mechanic type shirt.

Anyone with information should call detective Mandy Janise at 824-6662.

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