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Wash and Wax Sponge

The Wash & Wax kit. The Wash & Wax kit.
Activating the sponge. Activating the sponge.
Washing with the sponge. Washing with the sponge.
Scrubbing the SUV. Scrubbing the SUV.
After about three uses. After about three uses.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Get out the hose and bucket, but hold off on all the soaps and scrubbers.  The Wash and Wax sponge kit could have everything you'll need to wash away the dirt and grime on your car or truck.  All you need to use the Spongetech Wash and Wax Sponge is a bucket with clean water.  The reason why: the sponge has the soap already in it.  The three piece kit comes with a degreaser sponge and a chamois in addition to the wash sponge.  I took my wash kit on to the Ward One Fire Station in Moss Bluff.  Captain Tammy Higginbotham, a twenty year veteran and her crew take pride in keeping their equipment clean and ready for the next run.  They wash the fire vehicles regularly and were kind enough to let me try out the Wash and Wax Sponge on their engine.  First,  I wet down the side of the engine.

Then I described the next step by saying, "I filled up this blue bucket with just some clear water right out of the hose.  I just have to drop the sponge in here and let it soak up the water.  Once it's fully soaked, squeeze it to start the ‘sudsing' action and just get ready to wash."

With a wet and soapy sponge, I was off to wash the windows and the doors, making sure to hit the nooks and crannies in between.  The sponge retained water well and kept producing suds at each squeeze.  I barely needed another dip in the water to keep the wash going.  The degreaser sponge worked in the same way as well, just adding water activated its cleaning agent.  It was great on the rough diamond plate surfaces and even bugs were no match for this degreaser sponge.  However, it did split in half while I was working with it.  After a quick rinse of the fire engine, I used the provided chamois to dry off the entire side of the engine.  The entire process left the entire fire engine shiny, smooth, and most important, clean.  There was plenty of soap left in the sponge and degreaser, so I decided to clean our white sports unit.  The sponges did a stupendous job on this SUV, cleaning the dirt of the doors as well as scrubbing the bug guts off the grill.  Even after washing the SUV, there still seem to be plenty of suds left for additional washes.  So with two vehicles clean from top to bottom, the Wash and Wax Sponge wipes away a clean YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The three piece Wash and Wax sponge kit cost $9.99 at a local business.

A special thanks goes to the Ward One Fire Department for their help with this test.  To find out how to become a volunteer with Ward One Fire or you home town fire deparment, click on the "Become a Volunteer Firefighter" link on the right side.

Web Extra: I only had the chance to test the ‘Wash & Wax' on the equivalent of about two to three normal sized vehicles.  The sponge claims it can work for up to eight washes, but I didn't have the chance to get through eight vehicles in one day.  Check back later to this story, I'll try to update it when the sponge is completely ‘spent' of soap.  The box also claims the materials are environmentally friendly.  Personally, I never found it difficult to pour soap into a bucket and use a regular sponge.  I couple that with the fact that it takes the same amount of time to use this product that it would to use a sponge with soap of the same size, so I likely wouldn't spend the cash on this product.  Bottom line though is that this product works, so if you have use for it and you feel it's worth the cash, then go for it!

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