Friends of Jeff Davis victims speak out

There's growing distress in Jeff Davis parish about what many see as too little progress in finding out what happened to eight woman found dead there over the last four years. The most recent victim was 26 year old Necole Guillory was found August 19th on the side of I-10 in Acadia Parish.

Before Guillory, was Brittney Ann Gary who was only 17 years old when she died. Sarah Louviere knew all but one of the eight women. But she and her daughter Heidi Ledoux were especially close to Brittney. Says Louviere, "She was like a daughter to me. This kid lived with me for two years. She lived with me and my daughter. And I took care of her."

LeDoux gets choked up when she talks about Brittney: "She was my best friend. She was like my's been hard but I live through it every day." We'll have more of those interviews tonight on seven news at six.