Students can receive credit while suspended

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - When students receive a suspension from school, that usually means they receive zeros missed assignments.

But now students are getting a chance to make up for the missed work.

The Louisiana Legislature recently passed Act 240, which forces school boards to give suspended students either partial or full credit for assignments once they are made up.

Jeff Davis Parish Schools is allowing students to receive 25 percent of the grades they earn on missed assignments and tests.

"I think they that they intend that a suspension not automatically fail a student during the six weeks where they have a zero and perhaps only have five tests," says David Clayton, superintendent of Jeff Davis Parish Schools.

Clayton says he is still unsure of whether or not the new law is a good thing for students.

"There's no penalty, there's nothing in there that penalizes a student like we feel it should so that they wouldn't want to be suspended again," says Clayton.

Students at Welsh High School say the new law could be a good thing for students' grades.

"I don't think people should completely loose their chance of passing that grade for that six weeks just because they got suspended once," says Leah Moore, a senior at Welsh High School.

While they're getting an opportunity to raise their grade, students feel punishment is still there.

"I think that they're getting disciplined because 20 percent is still a really low grade and that's really hard to bring up," says Moore.

The new policy has taken effect on in all Louisiana schools.

Any student suspended beginning this school year will receive partial credit if they complete assignments missed during their suspension.

The amount of credit a suspended student receives varies from school to school.

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