Jeff Davis victim #8 on surveillance video

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Family members of Necole Guillory have released surveillance video of her taken about two months before she died. The video was shot by a private investigator hired by relatives of three victims from Jeff Davis Parish. Guillory's family hopes the video will help lead to more information about her disappearance.

It's an eerie coincidence that surveillance video shot by a private eye investigating the deaths of women in Jeff Davis Parish would capture images of one who would soon become a victim: Necole Guillory.  The PI shot video of Guillory in an area of Andrew Street he had under surveillance because it was frequented by most if not all of the eight women who wound up dead over the past four years.

Private Investigator Kirk Menard says Necole had a distinct walk and habit of brushing her hair. The family hopes showing the video will cause someone to remember seeing her around the time she disappeared. "They are hoping someone observed her and her characteristics getting in the vehicle that may be able to provide a tip. She's walking up and down the street her hair, her head to the side, brushing her hair continuously. She's known to always carry a brush in her hand . We're hoping that by releasing the video, the way her characteristics were, that someone would recognize her and call in a tip that would lead to an arrest."

Menard was hired by relatives of three of the eight women who have been found dead in Jeff Davis parish. Explains Menard, "Because they felt that law enforcement didn't have the manpower needed to accurately gather information about the person or persons responsible that may be committing these homicides. All the information we get we do pass along to law enforcement and the task force."

Guillory, who was 26 at the time of her death, was last seen getting into a car on Doyle Street Sunday, August 16th. Her body was found Wednesday, August 19th off I-10 in Acadia Parish.

There's a new website on the deaths of the eight Jeff Davis parish women was set up by the task force investigating the deaths, it's another place for people with information about these crimes to come forward and give information while remaining anonymous. To access the web site click here. And there's also a tip line, that number is 824-6662.

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