September 2, 2009 - Sgt. Kenrick Cormier

By John Bridges - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - McNeese Cowboy Defensive Right End Kenrick Cormier is hoping he'll be able to play a full football season this fall and not be interrupted by two hurricanes.  That's exactly what happened last year.  As a member of the Louisiana National Guard, he was called to serve during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

"I like to think I'm just doing my job," says Cormier.  "The military helps me out with school and I guess I help the military out with my service."

"The coaches and players supported him 100 percent and stay in contact with him throughout the season and let him know how we were doing," says head football coach Matt Viator.  "When he was able to come back in January, everyone was excited to have him back."

Kenrick had previously served a tour of duty in Iraq.

"For the first seven months, I was a gunner on the gun truck.  Then the last three months, we were at Abu Graib prison doing file protections and things like that.  It was very different and interesting.  It's a good learning experience."

The East Beauregard High School graduate from Dry Creek is now part of the Guard's "Citizen-Soldier" poster campaign.

"It's very interesting because people I don't know come up to me and they ask me if I'm the guy on the poster.  I like to be humble sometimes.  But yeah, it's definitely me.  It's a great thing to promote the military and McNeese Football all at the same time."

Sgt. Kenrick Cormier will also appear on the program cover at this Saturday's home opener against Henderson State.

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