High school students are ready for football

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)-   Students seem just as ready to take the field come game day as the players do, and KPLC visited a few of the schools playing in tonight's High School Jamboree at Cowboy Stadium, and students from Barbe, Westlake, and Sam Houston have a lot more than just the weekend to look forward to on Friday nights.

"You get to hang out with your friends. You get to hang out before all the games and say good luck to your senior boy, and all of that. I think it's great," said Sam Houston High School student Taylor Wood.

"Our whole school comes together. Barbe is a really big school and seeing everybody out there on in that big stadium, it's just an awesome fun time," Barbe High School Student Kristian Salvador.

Football will always be the main event, but there are quite a few Friday night staples that make going to games even more enjoyable.

Westlake student Dylan Abbott stated, "Friday night, just hanging out with my friends, cheering on my buddies, it's pretty amazing,"

"Everyone is cheering," said Sam Houston student Kelsey Peet, "The whole crowd comes out to watch, it's just like a really big community event."

And it calls for everyone, not just the players to dress for battle.

"Headbands, armbands, shirts, pants, socks," said Brock Gaurino of Sam Houston.

"Everyone wears their baby blue and white and a lot of times the boys will take off their shirts and spray paint their bodies," said Salvador.

"I go out, I go all out. I had this huge afro and I'm thinking of wearing it to tonight's jamboree," said Abbott.

Perhaps the most exciting part about having football back, is where it all begins, Cowboy Stadium.

"I think that's the coolest thing because you see the college team play there, but it's so cool to see out high school guys playing on a big college field in a big stadium," said Sam Houston's Erin Doucet.

"Even if you're not on the field, you just get this rush, especially if you see them do good," said Gaurino.

We did contact Sulphur High School, and we were not permitted on their campus during school hours, but their students are equally excited about the up coming season.

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