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Pasta n' More

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By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pasta n' More is a five piece set of plastic bins, lids, and strainers designed to make cooking pasta, and more, a breeze by using just water and your microwave.  We decided to test it with two types of pasta: spaghetti and penne.  The instructions call for a ten minute, first time boil with water prior to washing with soap and water.  With the basin clean, it was time to start cooking.  The spaghetti was up first, two servings.  I measured to the water level #2 line with tap water.  I then used the handy measuring handle to portion two servings of uncooked spaghetti.  Each handle will hold two servings of pasta.

As I prepared the pasta for cooking, I said, "With the pasta measured, it's just as simple as dropping it in the Pasta n' More, placing it in the microwave without the top on, and the instructions call for fifteen minutes of cooking.  So, we'll just hit start and wait it out."

After fifteen minutes, I removed the cooked pasta, and drained it using the strainer lid.  The lid slides on one side and snaps on securely to the top on the other side.  I added some sauce and tried it right out of the blue bin.

"It's cooked all the way through.  It tastes just like pasta I would have cooked with a pot and boiling water," I said after tasting a few pieces.

The real challenge was next for our Pasta n' More:  an entire box of penne pasta.  This called for the top #8 water level.  I poured the box of pasta into the water and placed it into the microwave.  Now get this.  A whopping twenty-seven minutes in the microwave is needed to cook a full box of pene.  After the bell rang, I drained the pasta, added some sauce and let my taste buds do the talking.

I said, "Twenty-seven minutes later and one stir an entire box of penne pasta cooked to perfection."

Pasta n' More boils its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Pasta n' More cost us $9.99 at a local business.

Web Extra:  The Pasta n' More would be a great item for college dorm rooms or other areas where only a microwave is available.  Its cooking time depends on the amount ant type of pasta being cooked.  At some points, you would save time using the Pasta n' more, while other times you would spend more time than boiling a pot of water.  In general it seems the more pasta, the more time needed to cook.  I noticed that the box of penne came very close to boiling over and making a mess in the microwave; however, it did not overtop while cooking.  We only tried two types of pastas, but the instructions are available for many other types including filled pastas like raviolis as well as large noodles like lasagna.  Our package came with a steaming tray and expander shelf for steaming veggies and other items which would fulfill the ‘more' category in the name Pasta n' More.  It also comes with a recipe book with fifty recipes.  The Pasta n' More is microwave and dishwasher safe.  It comes with a storage lid for use in the refrigerator as well.

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