Jeff Davis victims said to frequent South Main Street in Jennings

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There's growing frustration and fear in Jennings, Jeff Davis and Southwest Louisiana about whether there is a serial killer murdering women-- and why the case remains unsolved.

Residents who live in an area of Jennings the victims were said to have frequented, have their own take in what's happening. The most recent victim in Jeff Davis, 26 year old Necole Guillory, was last seen getting into a car on Doyle Street Sunday, August 16th. Doyle is close  to south Main Street- an area south of the railroad tracks in Jennings.

It's an area where residents say they were familiar with the women who wound up dead. Admitted one man, "I know basically all of them but I don't' know what the deal is."

Renella Manuel sat with two other friends on the front porch of a hosue on Main Street.  "We seen each and every one of them that's been dead. We done seen them walk and jump in cars and everything. They hoppin' in cars either for the drugs or to go get the drugs for them or to get high with them. And it's somebody that they know."  Regarding Guillory, Manuel admits, "I just seen her walking. She would walk back and forth."

Lenether Watson sits on the porch holding a tiny grandbaby as she reflects on the deaths of the eight women.  "Now these young girls, they walk up and down main street and they jump in cars. We don't know what cars they're jumping in. I really don't care what they do with their lives, they shouldn't have to die."

Necole Guillory is one of eight women to have died under mysterious circumstances over the last four years.  Manuel and Watson fear for their own children and other young women who may be putting themselves in danger. Says Watson, "Somebody saying that she hopped in a car. The other ones should realize not to jump in anybody's car. I got kids. I have five kids and three daughters and I'm terrified for them."

A multi agency task force is investigating the mysterious deaths of women from Jeff Davis, but they are tight lipped about whether they are making any progress in the case.

Here's their latest news release:

The multi-agency task force comprised of Acadia, Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Offices, Jennings Police Department, 15 th & 31st District Attorney's offices, La State Police Region 2 CID investigators/ Lake Charles, La Attorney General's Office, and the FBI continue to aggressively investigate the murders of several women from the Jennings area.

The task force continues to seek information from the public, and will continue to share as much information as possible with the public about these investigations without jeopardizing the investigation or prosecution due to recent media coverage and news releases, resulting in enhanced public awareness and combined with the sustained efforts of the task force, it is likely that the offender may have altered his behavior, habits and/or practices.

The following are additional examples of such changes possibly made by the offender:

Te offender may have recently left the Jennings area, possibly in an abrupt manner, with no indication of prior planning.

 The offender may have recently discontinued his contact with the area of Jennings formerly frequented by the victims.

 The offender may have recently altered his physical appearance.

 The offender may have altered the appearance of his vehicle, e.g., having his vehicle painted.

The Task Force encourages anyone with information to contact them at 337-824-6662. Even if it is thought that the information is unimportant or has been previously reported to law enforcement, please call: " Yours may be the call that saves lives."