West Cal Cam Hospital approves deal with Acadian Ambulance

By Michael Addison -  email


The West Cal Cam Hospital Board of Commissioners has approved a buy-sell agreement, allowing Acadian Ambulance to take over the hospital's ambulance services.

West Cal Cam CEO Bill Hankins says that the board unanimously approved the deal yesterday, even though he says it was a tough decision for them to make.

He says recent cutbacks, Including those made to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, are a major part of the reason why the hospital made the agreement with Acadian.

Hankins also tells 7News that Acadian will hire all current employees with West Cal Cam Ambulance Services, and they will continue to make their same salary if not more.

Part of the deal also stipulates that acadian will establish substations in Vinton, Westlake, and Sulphur for five years.

Jerry Romero says that Acadian Ambulance will have to comply with Calcasieu Parish's response time requirements. That means they will have eight minutes for urban areas, 2 minutes for suburban communities, and 20 minutes for all other areas of the parish.

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