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Seminar Schedule


Room 1

8:30 "The Importance of Advanced Care Planning" by Sylvia Marcantel, RN, CHPN, CHPCA

Odyssey Hospice

What if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness? Do you have a plan in place so your family will not be burdened with decisions in their emotional time?  Learn about advanced directives, 5 wishes program and related healthcare decisions that need to be made. Best decisions are often made before a healthcare crisis when people can discuss wishes and desires.

9:15 "Benefits of Mammograms, Breast Exams and Colonoscopies" by John Van Hoose,  M.D.

The Pathology Laboratory

 Step one for women: when you turn 35, schedule a baseline mammogram.  Step two: when you turn 50, schedule your colonoscopy. Let's face it, no one really likes any of these exam procedures but they are almost a rite of passage as we age. Learn the importance of these exams and why they can save your life.

10:00 "Is There a Simple Solution to My Urinary Issues?" by Alice Prestia, M.D.

Women and Children's Hospital

Do you suffer from that feeling like you have "to go" all the time? Or do you urinate when you cough, sneeze, or laugh?  Learn why this is happening and about new medicines and simple procedures to relieve these issues and others.

10:45 "Listen, Learn, Lose: Low Fat Cooking Demonstration" by Kristy Evens, RD and Jason Lebouf, Chef

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital

Learn a simple way to add flavor and skip the fat. Pick up a new recipe and you just might lose some weight too. Food sample provided for this demonstration.

11:30 "Con Artists and How to Avoid Identity Theft" by Garland Prejean, Jr.

Cameron State Bank

Unfortunately there are deplorable people who would love to ruin your good credit. Learn how to keep your personal information safe so you will not become a poor, innocent victim.

12:15 "Avoiding Financial Road Blocks" by Roland Terrell, FFS

Terrell Associates

Learn highlights of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, misconceptions about retirement and common obstacles found in the retirement plans of individuals. Ideas and concepts are presented to the participants to help bring complex financial concepts down to an understandable level helping participants succeed in retirement.

1:00 "Screening 101 -- Cancer Risk Reduction" by Henry J. Goolsby, III M.D.

The Oncology & Hematology Institute of Southwest Louisiana

Screenings saves lives. Learn the symptoms of various cancers. Learn the new types of screenings available, and recommendations on how to reduce your risks for cancer.

Room 2

8:45 "Understanding Alzheimer's Disease" by Neal Ryder

The Gardens & Guardian House

Understand the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's. Look into the mind of an Alzheimer's patient and understand what your loved one is going through. Learn the latest recent discovery of the Alzheimer brain.

9:30 " The Easy Way to Get Started Learning Something New!"  by Betty Anderson and May Gray

McNeese Leisure Learning and SAGE and the EASE Programs

Are you interested in taking some classes but can't decide exactly what? Leisure Learning classes, beginning computer, photography, golf, watercolor, wines of the world, including day trips and many more.  Also, it is never too late to get your degree and the EASE program makes it easy. Learn what new possibilities await you at MSU.

10:15 "Know Your Numbers and Your Supplements" by Carolyn Hutchinson, M.D.

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital

My blood pressure is 140/100 is that okay? Sometimes the bottom number is over 100. Is that bad for me and my heart?  I take 15 different supplements all at once; a half hour before going to bed is that what I should be doing? You need to know your numbers and what they mean. Vital health education is knowing what your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose numbers reflect and the difference between good and bad cholesterol. Does your body really need supplements and if so which ones and when to take them?

11:00 "Art, History, Theater and Beautiful Gardens in Orange Texas"

By The Nelda C. and H.J Stark Foundation:  Panel Discussion with Sara Boehme of the Stark Museum of Art; Patsy Herrington of the W.H. Stark House, Michael Hoke of Shangri La Botanical Gardens;  Jim Clark of The Lutcher Theater of the performing arts.

If you are making a day trip, planning a vacation, or just looking for place to take out-of-town guests, Orange, TX and the programs of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation offers the perfect destination. Between the Stark Museum of Art, the W.H. Stark House, Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center and Frances Ann Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you haven't been to any one of these venues, you will be very impressed and amazed to learn what each has to offer

11:45 "Basic First Aid" by Lane Owers

Acadian Ambulance

Minutes count in an emergency. Know when and if to call 911 and what you can do before the ambulance arrives. Lane will share basic first aid skills to aid in recovery. Learn what to put on a burn; how to reduce or stop bleeding; what the signs of shock are and how to treat or what to do if a grandchild has swallowed poisonous chemicals. These are just a few of the areas that are covered. Survive and recover faster by taking this 30 minute seminar.

12:30 Catching Bigger Fish is no Fish Tale by Susan and Maurice Fontenot

Bayou Country Outdoors

Don't know what fish bait to use for a certain area? Learn from the pros where to fish and what to use to reel in the big ones. Learn basic tackle box preparation and which area fishing guides are available.

Room 3

9:00 "CPR Refresher Course" by David Aucoin

Allen Parish Hospital

What if a loved one or someone in a restaurant suddenly needed CPR? Would you know what to do? Learn the few basic steps that could save a life.

9:45 "Are You at Risk for a Heart Attack or Stroke?" By Bryan Kilbane

DIADEXUS and The Pathology Laboratory

Wouldn't you want to know if you if you are at risk for stroke or heart attack? The new PLAC blood test will uncover your hidden risk. Learn what the test shows and how one test can reveal so much about your future health.

10:30 "Don't Leave Your Retirement Plan to Luck. Develop a Successful Plan" by Mike Allen

Mallard Investments, Cameron State Bank

Learn the risks faced in executing a successful retirement plan.  You will also learn how to meet basic retirement needs as well as maintaining your lifestyle.

11:15 Seeing Spots? by Steve Springer, M.D.

Renew Medical Spa

Dr. Springer will discuss several different treatment options for brown spots or discoloration of the skin. He will also address the controversy over the use of topical bleaching creams and tell about how to detect cancerous lesions.

12 Noon "My Loved One Needs Assistance. Who Do I Contact for Help?" Panel Discussion by Pam LaBorde, Community Education Representative for Odyssey Hospice; Margaret McCloskey CEO of PDI of the South; Annette Tritico, BSRN Program Development Director Evangeline Home Care; Ashley Guidry Resident Service Director Gardens & Guardian House;  Stephanie Fontenot, Admissions Marketing Coordinator of Rosewood Nursing Home

Many of us are put into a position of taking care of an elderly loved one and we don't know who to call. Learn the differences in home health, hospice, sitting service, assisted living and nursing homes. The differences will amaze you. Learn how much is out of pocket and what is paid for.

12:45 "Weaving the Past into the Present to Preserve for the Future" by Jean Becnel

Woven Heart Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is easy and fun for you or with friends. There are great opportunities to make new friends and preserve history with scrapbooks. Family stories can be told with photos and books are handed down through the generations. Making scrapbooks is an easy, fun project to do with the grandchildren.

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