Deridder fire leaves businesses selling out

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Crews are still picking up the pieces today from an electrical fire at East Village Shopping Center in Deridder.

But while most businesses in the stripping mall have closed their doors, Deridder Pets is still welcoming business.

The owners are reflecting on 30 years of business now covered in smoke and soot.

"It's been very emotional, especially for my mother and father, this is their business," says Vince Mayeaux, son of the Deridder Pets owners. "This is their livelihood, savings, and retirement."

This week the business is holding a fire sale in order to clear out their inventory in preparation for relocation.

"We are selling smoke damaged products, things that people can still salvage in one way or another," says Mayeaux. "It's going to keep us out of business for quite a while, we're going to lose quite a bit of money."

However, Mayeaux is confident Deridder Pets will be back up and running soon and be even bigger and better than before.

"It feels numbing, it feels terrible, it feels sad," says Mayeaux. "But we're all healthy, we're all alive, these are just material items and we can always rebuild."

Deridder Pets does not know yet if they will receive reimbursements for the damage caused by the fire.

These reimbursements will determine whether or not they plan to relocate or stay in the same location.

The Deridder Fire Department is still looking for a cause.

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