LC Officials meet on H1N1 Virus

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - What happens when someone at your child's school comes down with the so-called swine flu?And who will get the vaccines? They are questions many people wonder about at all levels of local government are working to get the information out.

While there is a worldwide pandemic underway because of the spread of the Novel  Influenza A H1N1, the good news is it's not nearly as bad as first thought. Explains Dr. B.J. Foch, "It is a mild illness at this point. Yes, there are some hospitalizations, there are some deaths. But most healthy people can take care of this flu like illness at home."

Still Lake Charles officials called those together who would help manage the health threat if and when it becomes more serious. They handed out special "Stop the Germ" kits not so much to assure survival but to increase public awareness.  Foch, who's with the State Officie of Public Health says, "It's sort of like a conversation piece to start the discussion about what are the important things that the general public can do to keep this situation in check like washing your hands, using cough etiquette, staying home when you're sick."

Officials with the Calcasieu School System were here as well. Risk Manager Ron Hayes says they plan to send home a paper with students to communicate policies and procedures. "If they show flu like symptoms, keep them at home until 24 hours after they have no fever before sending them back to school. If they're at school and show flu like symptoms then administrators will contact parents to come pick up their children and bring them home. So, if you're sick stay at home. If you're well, come to school."

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach called the meeting to continue the ongoing planning process. "In these types of situations it is a primary responsibility of the local community to be able to deal with these situations."

But so far most people in the U.S. who catch the virus are recovering without medical intervention, for the latest information on the flu pandemic, the status of vaccines and self protection measures click here.

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