Necole Guillory death inflames community concerns

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -  Visitation is underway at this hour for Necole Guillory-- the woman whose body was found off I-10 in Acadia Parish Wednesday. Meanwhile, a community deals with ever increasing public concern about the mysterious deaths of women from Jeff Davis parish.

Guillory is the 8th woman from Jeff Davis parish, who has died under mysterious circumstances sincw 2005.  She was from Lake Arthur and was 26 years old. Her death hits so close to home for those at the Shop Rite Store, because they worked with necole's sister. Rebecca Guidry says it's very upsetting to all. "It's sad because these girls don't deserve this. They have families, they have parents, they have children. And it's been going on for so long it needs to be stopped. The police need to do more."

Guillory was the mother of four young children. And Guidry spoke to one of them, her son Blaze, who she says is broken hearted at the loss of his mother. "His aunt which is Necole's sister Jessica called me to let me know about the funeral and everything that was going on and he cried. I mean he was crying so hard you couldn't hardly even understand what he was saying. And he asked me to go over there and to see him because it was hard and I tried to tell him I know it's hard. I tried to tell him it will be okay. We'll catch this guy. Somebody will catch this guy."

Guillory was reported missing by her mother Wednesday afternoon, scarcely an hour later her bodyw as discovered off I-10 in Acadia Parish. Police say Guillory was last seen on Sunday getting into a car on Doyle Street. While Guillory and the other seven women are said to have engaged in high risk lifestyles, Guidry says that in no way diminishes the depth of the tragedy felt by so many. "I know that Crystal Benoit, Crystal Zeno had kids. I knew her. I know her daughter, her parents. And like Muggy Brown. I knew her and I know she's got kids. And the other girls had kids too."

Guillory is described by family as a beautiful young woman who enjoyed music and loved being outdoors and one whose memory will be cherished by those she leaves behind.

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