Body identified as Necole Guillory of Jeff Davis Parish

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There were seven. Now there are eight--women from Jeff Davis Parish who have died under mysterious circumstances.The latest is a 27 year old woman from Lake Arthur.

The multi agency task force investigating the mysterious deaths of women in Jeff Davis Parish now confirms the dead woman found along I-10 in Acadia parish is Necole Guillory. Guillory's mother reported her missing to Jennings Police at 1:30 Wednesday-- just an hour before a body was found.

Jennings Police Chief Johnny Lassiter says Necole Guillory was a woman known to police who had been arrested before.   "Charges we have are disturbing the peace charges, disturbing the peace by fighting, resisting arrest and have a couple of drug charges, possession of drug paraphenalia, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of marijuana. Whether she was actually convicted on those charges I don't know."

As well, Lassiter says Guillory had a lifestyle similar to those of seven other women found dead in Jeff Davis since 2005-- a lifestyle described as engaging in risky behavior. But he says that in no way diminishes their concern and commitment to solving the cases. "A lifestyle similar to ones that had been reported missing in the past. I'm not going to say that she had a bad lifestyle. We're going to treat all people who are reported missing here the same, and we are investigating it with all our capabilities."

Since Guillory was reported missing they began to track her movements and who she was with since she was last seen on Sunday.  Says Lassiter, "Reports that we had are that she was seen getting into a vehicle on Doyle street and since that time we've been trying to track down that information and anybody that has seen her at that time or since that time."

Lassiter says clearly,  the women whose bodies have been found in Jeff Davis and now Acadia have been in the company of someone they did not fear.  "We feel obviously that it's somebody these women are comfortable getting into the vehicles with or otherwise this wouldn't be happening and it's hard to tell somebody be extremely careful of who you're dealing with."

At last word Guillory's body was still at the Lake Charles Coroner's Office where work is underway to determine the cause and manner of her death. The task force investigating the mysterious deaths in Jeff Davis has released a list of characteristics and behaviors violent offenders may exhibit after committing a crime. For more on that read the press release below.

And the task force urges anyone with information to call 337- 824-6662.

The Task Force Press Release issued August 20, 2009:

 The Multi-Agency Investigative Task Force comprised of the Acadia, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's offices, Jennings Police Department, 15 th and 31 st Judicial District Attorney's Offices,  La State Police, La Attorney General's Office and the FBI, is continuing to investigate the recent series of homicides of women who resided within Jennings, La.   To date, the task force has thoroughly pursued the leads generated by public response.

On Wednesday 08/19/2009, another female homicide victim was discovered in Acadia Parish.   The body found has been positively identified as Necole Guillory, the young lady that was reported missing to Jennings Police Department on Wednesday.

  This most recent, unfortunate discovery has prompted the task force to request the public's continued assistance and vigilance. Our first goal is public safety, which necessitates the gathering of as much information as possible.

 The task force has reason to believe that there may be individuals who have information pertinent to this investigation, who have yet to come forward. We are appealing to these people specifically, and the general public, to contact the task force with any information they believe may pertain to this investigation and/or the people, facts and circumstances surrounding these murders.

 Additionally, the task force is asking the public's assistance in identifying possible suspects through observations of changes in their behavior. Violent offenders often exhibit some noticeable behavioral changes following the commission of a crime. Often, members of the community will unknowingly be associated with the offender of a crime, and may observe behavioral changes in that person. While they will recognize the changes, and may even question the offender about such changes, they may not recognize the relationship between such behavioral changes and the offender's involvement in the crimes. The following are behaviors and characteristics that the offender may exhibit:

In reaction to heightened public awareness and intensive law enforcement investigation, the offender has changed his method of operation. For instance, the most recent victim's body was discarded off to the side of Interstate 10 in Acadia Parish. Previous victims' bodies were discarded off to the side of smaller, rural roads.

The offender is likely to pay very close attention to the police investigation, media coverage and even private discussions pertaining to this series of murders.

The offender is likely to have displayed increased nervousness in the time periods immediately following the murders and the body discoveries.

 The offender may have increased his use of drugs and/or alcohol to contend with the nervousness and experienced stress resulting from increased awareness and vigilance of both the police and the public.     

 In the time period immediately following the murders and the body discoveries, the offender may have altered       his daily routine. He may have left the area temporarily; he may have been absent from work, cancelled appointments and/or social engagements.

 The offender may have changed his mode of transportation, e.g., changed his vehicle, sold or claimed to have sold his vehicle, cleaned or had his vehicle cleaned, possibly including the vehicle's interior.

The offender is someone with significant ties to the Jennings and Jefferson Davis Parish area. He has demonstrated a strong familiarity with the area, and is someone known to residents there.

The offender may have been seen in the area of Jennings where these young ladies disappeared from.   He may have been, and perhaps is still frequenting the area.

The task force encourages anyone with information to contact them at (337) 824-6662. Even if it is thought that the information is unimportant or has been reported to law enforcement previously, please call: yours may be the call that saves lives!

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