Can you get drunk off of hand sanitizer?

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Hand sanitizer plays a vital role in today's school system as schools strive to create a clean, germ-free environment for their students.

"It's a quick fix for students to get their hands sanitized throughout the day," says Melinda Hardy, Oak Park Elementary School Principal.

But are students misusing the alcohol-based substance to get drunk?

Although hand sanitizer may keep students germ-free throughout the day, many people forget that ingredients within this germ-free packed bottle can be toxic.

"Hand sanitizer is usually made up of 60% alcohol and some other ingredients to kill germs," says Dr. David Wallace, a pediatrician at the Children's Clinic.

While many adolescents are abusing the most innocent things to get intoxicated, he feels hand sanitizer could be one of those hazards for children.

"If someone were to drink the hand sanitizer, they could become intoxicated very quickly because it's very potent," says Dr. Wallace.

But Oak Park Elementary School in Lake Charles is not letting that happen.

"Children have been taught by procedure how much to properly use hand sanitizer. The teachers are present as they use it, they are never left alone," says Hardy.

Through these procedures, Oak Park feels they will keep their students germ-free, while protecting them from the hazards of improper use.

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