16 year old is beaten - suffers broken jaw & fractured skull

From the Office of Sgt. Mark Kraus:

The Lake Charles Police Department responded to a call on August 1, 2009 in the 1000 block of North Adams Street in reference to an individual that had been beaten. The victim,who was 16 years of age, could not identify who had assaulted him. His injuries included a fractured skull and a broken jaw.

After further investigation, Sgt. Kirkum obtained and served an arrest warrant on Curtis Thompson, 44 years of age, on August 17, 2009. Thompson was charged with Second Degree Robbery and Aggravated Second Degree Battery. His bond totaled $200,000.

The investigation revealed that Thompson had beaten the 16 year old because of mistaken identity.

When the warrant was served, Thompson was in jail on unrelated charges.