Cameron Jetty Pier again open

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A sure sign of Cameron Parish recovery is the newly rebuilt fishing pier at the jetties. It's attracting sports fishing and nature lovers from all around. There's the view; the sound of the water, playground equipment for the kids and a place to bring your RV and camp.

And if you're lucky there's that one great catch of the day all here at the Cameron jetty fishing pier. Mary Bernard from Lafayette says it's one of her favorite places. "I love it. Before the hurricane came, we used to be here all the time. We used to came out here and it was beautiful then. But now it's more beautiful and I think people ought to take advantage of it."

Police Juror Kirk Burleigh figures it's as good a place as any to unwind and get rid of the stress. "We always have a south breeze. It's a cool climate breeze, the sound of the vessels and the boats passing by, the birds, the water, the gulf, the splashing waves. It's just a really tranquil place to visit and relax and just let go of the hustle and bustle world that's out there now."

The pier was closed after Hurricane Rita but it's been remodeled and in Burleigh's words, re-innovated. He calls it hurricane hardened and believes it will withstand future storms. And it's popular with bird watchers. But oh that fishing. One man there shows off a forty pound red fish.  Says Burleigh, "I think we have some of the best saltwater fishing in southwest Louisiana, right here off our jetty pier."

And if you do get caught in the rain, well, just wait five minutes. The pier stays open until ten at night.

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