Remembering David Chozen

Reported by: KPLC Staff

Friends and family of Lake Charles businessman David Chozen came to pay their final respects.

A memorial service was held for Chozen Sunday afternoon at Hixson Funeral Home.  Chozen passed away Wednesday after a lengthy illness.

For many years, Chozen owned the local Manpower franchise and reported projected hiring trends through out the year. Chozen was a member of numerous boards, including the Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission.  He worked closely with several governors and was most recently appointed by Governor Bobby Jindal to the Louisiana Superdome Commission.

"David of course was very pleased to have those positions and worked hard at them, but at the same time I think his memory is more with the fellah on the street, his hunting and fishing buddies and his work with the local police force. So many dear friends who are her today and friends coming from all over the state is a tribute to the fact that David was well known and he always tried to help a person," said Buddy Leach.

David Chozen was sixty years old.

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