Lake Charles man raising awareness for school supplies

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's been a long couple of days for Tony Royster. He's been battling the rain and heat but he says it's where he'll stay to raise as much school supplies as he can.

"We just came up with this idea of getting school supplies for youngsters out there. A lot of people need school supplies," said Tony Royster.

"He's really doing it and folks have been stopping by all day just to stop off, give monetary donations and drop off school supplies for various schools we will give to in the area, "said Darleen Westley.

School starts in less than three days.  Royster says he'll do all he can to get kids prepared for school.

"For me to try to get people to understand, you got to make sacrifices in life but do what we have to do to help the youngsters, they need that and we need to do it for them," said Royster.

"Tony's been pretty good, he's been a trooper. He's been tired, he slept on top of the truck, mosquitos have been out and you can tell it's very hot out here," said Westley.

He's been on top of a hummer truck since 5:30 Friday morning. He says it's been very tough but he's not coming down till this hummer truck is full of school supplies.

"I've been here almost thirty-seven hours and I'm willing to stay here until we fill this truck with school supplies. It's important these youngsters need help, "said Royster.

"He's vowed to stay up there until it's filled with school supplies. Tony has the kids in mind and he's decided to do this on his own," said Westley.

A lot of school supplies have already been donated but they still need lots more.

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