A Westlake golf course 16 years in the making celebrates it's grand opening

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of a dream nearly 20 years in the making. The Westlake golf course, or the National Golf Club of Louisiana had a grand opening that started that attracted many anxious golfers, ready to hit the green.  
Westlake mayor, Dan Cupit said, he was thrilled to finally be opening the golf course, and was pleased with the amount of people that showed up for day one.

"We have been looking forward to this for years. It was a real enjoyment to see one-hundred and fifty to two-hundred people standing around here this morning to go play golf. It is a dream that took a long time,"said Westlake Mayor Dan Cupit.

Many give the stroke of credit to former mayor Dudley Dixon, considered the visionary for the project more than sixteen years ago.

"It is a dream come true. It was something that Westlake needed, and to put this together, and see this come true, it is just a magnificent day," said former Westlake Mayor Dudley Dixon.

The multi-million dollar development sits on six-hundred and fifty acres, covers eighteen holes of rolling hills, sand traps, and tons of water; enough to challenge even the best of golfers.

"We are loving it. This is a beautiful golf course and we are having a great time. It is probably one of the better courses that I have ever been on," said Jacques Picou.

There are several subdivisions with lots up for sale, surrounding the golf course.

"Westlake is a goldmine. We just wish that the community and Southwest Louisiana will come out and see it," said Westlake City Councilman Bob Hardey.

"I did buy a lot in the new development out here. There is a number of people interested in purchasing a lot. We would like to encourage those people to come out and be a part of the new subdivision in Westlake," said Gary 'Stitch' Guillory.

Wether you have plans to buy some land, or just want to enjoy a round of golf, one thing is for certain, the National Golf Club of Louisiana is making quite an impression on area golfers.

If you would like to play a round of golf, the number is 433-2255

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