Kohls now hiring in Lake Charles

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Kohls is hiring and many Lake Charles residents want to be on their new staff.

"My family members told me about the jobs and the store opening up pretty soon. I need something to be active and have discipline," said Shonta Williams.

"The holidays are coming up so I wanted to have a new opportunity and just decided to take it on," said Ladonna Washington.

"It was just general interest to see what they had to offer and get a great new position," said Alexis Washington.

Kohls is offering a total of 120 positions, ranging from customer service to truck unloading.

"I'm applying for assistant manager. I've done a lot of manager positions so hopefully I will get that," said Campbell.

"I'm applying for part time customer service. I like helping people out because I'm extremely kind and friendly," said Williams.

"It's not really specific but I was trying to look for a job towards loss prevention," said Washington.

Lately, it's been hard to find a job in this economy, but Kohls is changing that.  They're offering plenty of opportunities for residents to work.

"For the past three months, jobs have been hard to find and it's been hard to get a job," said Williams.

"The job market is kind of declining and the opportunities they can bring in is very good for the economy," said Campbell.

"The economy is definitely something we need to consider because there's not a lot of jobs in Lake Charles," said Washington.

Kohls officials say many applicants have already applied in person, by phone and online

"I'm a hard worker. I have a motivation to work any day and any time," said Williams.

"I'm very confident in myself and what I can bring to a job or in the workplace," said Campbell.

"Being a good employee to their store. I feel I would be a benefit to their store," said Washington.

The hiring process continues through this Wednesday, August 13th.

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