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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Freshness is at your fingertips.  At least that's the claim of Chef Tony's Smart Lidz.  Ours came in a four pack:  one large, two medium, one small.  I grabbed a few containers from my kitchen and put these transparent plastic saucers to the "Does it Work?" test.

I moved to the breakfast bar in my kitchen and said, "First up, the thin edged, square, plastic container filled with cashews.  All you have to do is place the Lidz on the center, push down for a firm seal.  It has made an indentation, a little bit of a vacuum.  Let's see if it actually holds the contents in."  The lid failed and the cashews fell all over the countertop.  I continued, "Alright, well the good news with that one at least, I was a little hungry for some cashews!  Let's move on to the glass jar.  In this case, a typical glass jar that you get tomato sauce in.  Same method, push down.  It looks like it's holding on slightly.  Over the sink, it did not hold the seal."

The first two trials proved not so good.  I moved on to more traditional containers in need of sealing.  I pressed and sealed a smart lid on a ceramic mug with water in it.  I turned it upside down, and with no leaks or spillage, it was my first success.  Now, I moved on to a glass pint. With a simple press and seal, the contents of my glass were secured with no leaks.  A glass bowl, even full, stood up to the vacuum sealed lid.  As for a metal pot full of water, pressed and sealed, it held the water inside even when I picked the entire container up by the Lidz.  A metal can of corn sealed with no problems as well.

"We ran into problems with the cashews and even the spaghetti sauce jar, but those items come with lids anyway.  We're talking about some of the items that you normally have to pull out the plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  For the most part, the lids are still even hanging on to this glass cup and even this cereal bowl without any leakage.  I'm able to hold onto it, the entire weight of it by the Lidz," I said.

Removal is as easy as the squeeze of a finger, and the goods are unlocked.  I say that it's clear to see, the Smart Lidz vacuum grip a YES for this week's "Does it work?" test.  The set of four Smart Lidz sold for less then ten bucks on the shelves of a local business.

Web Extra:  I know the Lidz did not hold up on the first two items tested and they still received a yes, but I tried it on the two most difficult items first.  Both of those items had lids anyway, and in fairness, the square cashew container did not have a perfect edge for an airtight seal.  With our limited time to test this product, I did not have a chance to see if the Lidz held the seal for any more than an hour.  I did however apply and re-apply the Lidz to each object a few times.  Each time that it worked the first time, the remaining trial results were consistent with the first trial.  I found the smoother and larger the opening, the better the vacuum seal of the Lidz.  The instructions state that if the transparent plastic becomes wrinkled, running hot water over it will bring it back to its original tightness.  During my testing, the plastic never wrinkled so this technique wasn't needed.  The Lidz claim to be reusable, and dishwasher safe as well (top rack only).  They measure in diameter: 4.25" small, 7.25" medium, and 9.25" large.  As for my opinion of whether or not to have item in the kitchen, I say they're a good added tool to have for the low price, as long as they last a while.

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