School construction running out of time?

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - We're just about two weeks from the start of school and there's still a lot of construction at some Calcasieu schools.

But construction workers tell us not to worry, because the inside construction will be complete by the time the students return August 18th.

Construction workers with Alfred, Palna Incorporated have been working all summer long, hoping to make the school facilities of R.W. Vincent better for the students.

"We have a two and a half month window where we have to be completed, says Harold Heath, the construction manager for Calcasieu School Board. "That's what we concentrate on a lot and it really makes the construction workers work hard."

Since Sulphur voted on a bond issue for improvements to schools last year and this summer saw more construction projects than in summers past.

"We're just now getting those projects, we have completed one. They're being funded by a bond issue, property tax money," says Heath.

Because of additional projects, workers are having to work more efficiently in hopes of getting toilets back in the bathrooms, tile back on the floors in the classrooms, and painting is also on a time crunch as well.

Construction outside is also seeing a lot of action with the construction of a new bus canopy and the repaving of the parking lot.

"We've extended the driveway at the school to get the cars off of the street and onto the school area," says Heath.

The parking area is expected to be complete within two weeks.

There is also a lot of construction being done on the south side of the school as well.

"We're adding a new addition to the library and a six classroom building wing," says Alan LeBlanc, superintendent of Alfred, Palna Incorporated.

Though the outdoor projects may not be complete by the first day, the workers are confident the inside renovations will make it.

"We've got a lot of work going on, but we've got some good contractors in the area and we feel like we've got our hand on things and we'll make it," says Heath.

The work is expected to be done in time to create a safer, more adequate environment for the students at R.W. Vincent.

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