An 18 wheeler accident shuts down a part of I-10 for several hours

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Most would agree that traffic accidents are bad, but when it comes to accidents involving 18 wheelers it can get expensive. Early Friday morning, an 18 wheeler traveling west bound on I-10 crashed, causing it to flip on it's side, throwing the metal poles it was carrying on the road way.

"The driver was coming around that turn too quickly. The contents shifted, causing it to flip over. Our officers arrived and saw this was going to be a long term event. Once they were aware of that, our supervisors authorized additional police officers to come out," said Sergeant Mark Kraus with the Lake Charles Police Department.

It took crews around seven hours to clear and open I-10, and with the additional officers needed in these situations, the clean up costs can sky rocket.  Some may wonder about who holds the burden of paying these costs.

"That vehicle, who ever its insurer is, and the wrecker service that was contracted out, are burdened with having to pay the costs for using the help off duty police officers," said Sergeant Kraus.

While it may have been an inconvenience to be re-directed in traffic, at least you, the tax payer did not have to pay for someone else's mistake.

According to the Lake Charles Police Department, the driver of the 18-wheeler was cited for careless operation and is currently at a local hospital, listed instable condition.

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