20/20 Vision Clinic


When you walk through the door at 20/20 Vision, you hear some of the following:

"Hello, we've been expecting you!  Make yourself comfortable.  The coffee is fresh and the cookies are to die for!"

"Walk with me and I will start your computerized tests."  3 minutes later, no pain and no guessing.......DONE!

"I don't know, 1 and 2 both look good.  No problem?  Good!"

"Hey, these frames are HOT, not a spec of 'nerdyness' and I can see!"

"I am finished and my boss thinks I am stuck in the doctor's office all day.........."

Dr. G. R. McGuirt is a therapeutic optometrist (board certified in treating eye disease), for allergy eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, foreign substances in the eyes, and glaucoma.

20/20 Vision Clinic has been seeing people see better for 26 years.  We are an on time office that is here for your convenience to make you see well and to keep your eyes healthy.

You are buying glasses you can use. We want you happy with your glasses.  Come visit 20/20 Vision Clinic - We Focus on You!

Look for our New Location!
4816 Nelson Road
Across from Trinity Baptist Church

Hours: Tuesday, 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm