Crackdown on Crime - Who killed Jeslynn Broussard?

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Though the name has changed over the last 19 years and thousands of people since walked through these doors - Lake Charles Police are hoping to find the person with the answers to what happened here in the early morning hours of April 17, 1990.

"A person had walked into a convenience store at 3630 Kirkman Street and located what he believed to be a person that was deceased laying a pool of blood," said Lake Charles Police Sgt. Mark Kraus.

The victim: the store's overnight clerk, 20-year-old Jeslynn Broussard.

"Based on our evidence at the scene, we know that she was shot from behind from outside the window," said Kraus.

It was only Jeslynn's second night on the job. Working her way through college, there were lots of questions why and who could do such a thing. When we spoke to the family six years ago they were still struggling to deal with her death.

"For someone to come in from behind her and shoot her from behind, it would have to be a coward to do that. I mean she was a young girl," said Kathy Porter, Jeslynn's mother.

"And we always said, if the store was robbed, then we could maybe understand. But to not have anything taken, the "why?" was probably worse than anything else," said Brett Broussard, Jeslynn's brother.

But here's what investigators do know: They know Jeslynn got to work around 11:35 p.m. dropped off by her boyfriend - he stayed until around 1 a.m. A little over an hour later Jeslynn would be dead.

"At about 2:04 a.m. our victim had cashed her own check out of the register pushing the no sale button. At 2:07 a.m. is when we got the call so we believe in that very, very small window of 3 minutes that this murder was committed," explained Kraus.

The case would center around the windows - the window of opportunity and the window where she was shot through. Cotton fibers were lifted from that window by detectives and tracks found in the early morning dew would lead investigators a block away to a bicycle with the same cotton fibers on it. Tips of a suspect would also surface, but nothing to tie the person to the murder.

"We believe that the person that was involved in this just prior to this incident was inside the store and was used to getting something free from the store clerk that worked there and this time that store clerk turned this person down and a short time later she was murdered for it," said Kraus.

At this time police aren't disclosing their suspect's name, but hope you have information to provide them with enough evidence to make an arrest. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Lake Charles Police at 491-1311 or Crimestoppers at 439-2222.

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