School supply shopping

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Back packs, notebooks, crayons, all necessary items for heading back to school, but some say, during these tough times you have watch for the best deals.

"If you buy it when it is on sale, you have it licked. It is the sales that do it," said Angie Broussard.

Angie Broussard is a veteran when it comes to school supply shopping, and said, it is best to buy a little more than you need now, while the deals last.

"By Christmas you are going to have to buy supplies again, so I stock up," said Angie Broussard.

While out school supply shopping, it is important to remember to buy in bulk. For example, if you have more than one child you are buying for, rather than buying several packs of pencils, buy the bigger pack and divide them.

"Paper, pens, pencils, are all items that all three of my kids are going to use throughout the year. I do tend to buy more of that, now. I do not just stick to my list," said Leslie Underwood.

While most kids do not like the idea of summer vacation coming to an end, they do enjoy filling up the shopping cart.

"I can get my backpack and all of the new stuff that I need, like pencils, sharpeners, and all of that stuff," said Jacob Ardoin.

With the struggling economy, some families may not be able to afford everything on their child's school supply list. But, there is help, and it is closer than you may think.

"The first thing that I think is important is that, the parents need to let the school know that there is a need, that they are struggling to purchase those supplies. There is help available. We have been contacted by churches, our partner in education, businesses and even private citizens, offering to help families during this hard time," said Phyllis Hess, Westwood Elementary Principal.

If you need to receive help from your child's school, Miss Hess said it is a good idea to let the principal or school counselor know your situation.

For a link to your child's school supply list, click here: Calcasieu Parish School Supply List

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