Big City Slider Station

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It claims to be "The mini burger sensation that's sweeping the nation".  After opening the box and reading the instructions, I put the ridged-five pod cooker to work in the sunrise kitchen.

I started by saying, "We've prepped the big city slider station by cleaning it.  We're going to test it today on four different types of products today.  First of all, the typical ground sirloin.  Also, we have hot ground Italian sausage, some ground turkey, and we're even going to try it on some eggs."

I scooped the sirloin into the pod with the provided scoop tool and set the lid.  With the burner on medium heat, I checked the progress after five minutes.  I lifted the lid to find some redness, so I gave it another two minutes to cook fully.

"Okay it's been a full seven minutes.  Now this is our first round.  It does look like these burgers are fully cooked through here.  So we'll pull them out and put the next round in," I explained.

Since the Slider Station was already hot, it cooked the second round of sirloin in about four to five minutes.  I cleaned my scoop and moved on to the hot sausage.  These cooked in about five to six minutes over the same medium heat.  As for the turkey, it was cooked in about six to seven minutes.  Each cooked meat patty easily slid out of the slider station with minimal problems.  I did however break the spoon by applying too much pressure on the turkey meat.  I'll take partial responsibility for breakage, but it was a somewhat flimsy spoon.  As for the eggs, well, it worked in about six minutes producing five easy to remove egg patties.

I reviewed my results and had this to say, "Three different types of meat and even the eggs worked well in the Big City Slider Station.  The only problems I ran into are I broke the spoon it came with; also I occasionally burned my hands on the edges here depending on the placement of my hand, and also a little tough to clean.  Altogether, it's not a bad gadget to have in your kitchen."

So it seems the Big City Slider Station will allow you to enjoy mini burgers at parties or even a picnic.  The Big City Slider Station sears a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We purchased the Big City Slider Station for $19.99 at a Lake Charles business.

Web Extra:  Overall, the Slider Station is an excellent product in my opinion.  Just scoop, heat, and eat in about five minutes.  The first time around, the unit was cold and needed to heat, so it added two minutes to our cooking time.  By round two, the device was already hot.  The instructions strongly advise against "pre-heating" before putting product in it for the first time, which is why we didn't just heat it before putting the meat in the first time.  Secondly, it made somewhat of a mess, especially with the sausage patties.  It didn't have much of a mechanism to prevent splatter, which you'd run into anyway with a pan without a lid.  The burner was left a bit messy after cooking with the Slider Station five times.  It took more effort than just a quick wipe to clean the pods.  I had to scrub to get some of the grease out of the ridges when cleaning as well as rinsing it a few times.

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