Tax amnesty program

From the office of Governor Bobby Jindal

BATON ROUGE - The 2009 Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program is set to run from September 1 through October 31, the Louisiana Department of Revenue announced Tuesday.

Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law the Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2009, which allows taxpayers to settle account balances, overdue audit assessments, and certain tax disputes with no penalties and only half of the interest on what they owe.

"This is a two-month window of opportunity to settle accounts in a manner that is advantageous for taxpayers and for the State of Louisiana," said Secretary of Revenue Cynthia Bridges.  "Taxpayers who have fallen behind on their obligations have a chance to bring their accounts up to date, and the state has a chance to collect much-needed revenue."

The 2009 Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program applies to resident and non-resident individuals, and in-state and multi-state businesses.

The amnesty can be applied to:

  • All taxes administered and collected by LDR, except for motor fuel taxes;
  • Taxes that became due on or after July 1, 2001 and before January 1, 2009;
  • Taxes due prior to January 1, 2009 for which LDR has issued a billing notice or demand for payment on or after July 1, 2001 and before May 31, 2009;
  • Taxes for which the taxpayer and LDR have entered into an agreement to suspend the running of prescription until December 31, 2009;
  • Taxes due on or before July 1, 2009 but were ineligible for an earlier amnesty program due to civil litigation.

A taxpayer qualifies for amnesty:

  • If they failed to file a tax return or report;
  • If they failed to report all income or all tax, interest and penalties that were due;
  • If they claimed incorrect credits or deductions;
  • If they misrepresented or omitted any tax due;
  • If they are under audit or in administrative or judicial litigation.

For more information and a list of frequently-asked questions, visit the Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program page at