Keeping young athletes in the game

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Kids can be particularly susceptible to sports injuries and if it's not caught or treated early on, the injury could be detrimental to the young athlete's sporting future. In this Healthcast, we talk to one young athlete who plans to stay in the game, despite a serious knee injury.

11-year-old Cade Ledet of Rosepine hopes that in eight years he'll be wearing the purple and gold in Tiger Stadium and playing for the Tigers.  But, a serious ATV accident one month ago threatened Cade's dream.  "I hit the 4-wheeler and my leg was caught between the 4-wheeler and the dirt bike," says Cade, "and it pushed my leg different ways."

Dr. Lynn Foret with CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital says that Cade's injury was something that if not corrected, would force him to give up football and basketball.  "He injured his anterior crucial ligament from his tibia, bringing a piece of bone with it."

When Cade was told he needed surgery to correct his injury, he knew it was going to be a blow to what he loves most.  "I was worried about playing sports," says Cade, "I wanted to play football this year."

Dr. Foret was able to surgically reattach the bone and tendon to Cade's tibia. He says that when it comes to young athletes, treatment can be fairly simply if the problem is addressed early.  "With this particular age group," says Dr. Foret, "because they heal so fast and so nicely - if the injury is picked up quickly and correctly, then they can have a normal athletic life."

Now that Cade is in the rehab phase of recovery, he's more determined than ever to make the most of physical therapy for his athletic future.  "I'm looking forward to being able to exercise and walk again," says Cade, "so that I can play football for LSU one day like Dr. Foret."

*There's a little trivia for you if you didn't know that Dr. Foret once played for the Tigers!

*If you want to stay in the game, youth athletic screenings are coming up Saturday, July 18th at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.  Kids as young as six years old can have the screening that involves a physical, cholesterol and glucose tests, EKG and body fat analysis. Appointments are required, just call 491-7577 to make yours.  The cost for a screening is $35.

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