Athletic edge through speed training

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - When it comes to sports, a half-second could mean the difference between being safe at home plate, sinking a shot or avoiding a tackle.  Making every second and inch count is what speed training is all about for local athletes working to rise to a higher level of competition.

Sulphur High senior Garrett McCain still has one more football season as the Tors quarterback.  Knowing how tough college ball is, Garrett's using his summer break to get whatever edge he can over his competitors.  "Just to lower my times down for when I do go to camps and college scouts watch me," says McCain, "it's good to have those milliseconds down just to compete with everyone else."

Two days a week for four weeks, Garrett has a new "coach."  As part of the speed training program at Gigi's Fitness, trainer John Foret is working with young athletes like Garrett to be faster and jump higher.  "It doesn't matter what sport you are," says Foret, "you want to be as fast as you can and you want to be able to jump high - so you're going to be burning a lot of calories and you'll be honing in on your skills."

With many school sports, the focus is often on the bigger picture - learning plays, building endurance and strategizing.  But with speed training - it's all about the fundamentals.  "Foot placements, arm placements, shoulder placements, stances," says Foret, "we go over the details of that and then we continue to enhance that throughout the whole program."

Foret says results can be immediate for athletes who might have simply been positioning their body in an awkward way.  "Changing your center of gravity to work for you and not against you creates huge opportunities for you to get faster immediately," says Foret.

Garrett has seen the improvements first-hand.  "In everything I've done here I've either increased by half a second or my vertical went up two inches," says Garrett.

Garrett says he's excited to get back on the field this fall and he's looking forward to seeing where his polished skills might take him.

*The next series of speed training classes kicks off Monday, July 6th and runs through July 30th at Gigi's Fitness on Nelson Road in Lake Charles. It's for kids ages four through 18. To register, call 474-6601.

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