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New pet laws take effect in Calcasieu Parish

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Dogs are said to be man's best friend, but sometimes man isn't so friendly to their loyal pooch or any other animal.  Because Calcasieu Parish Animal Services takes animal abuse very serious, a series of new laws will take effect Monday, July 6th.  Among those laws is one which states dogs are not to be chained to improper objects such as trees.

Directory Rita Cavenaugh says, "We see the large chain that weighs more than the animal and they're caught up and tangled and they can't get to their water."

Also, all dogs must be on a leash if they're not behind fenced property.

Another law that takes effect Monday makes cockfighting illegal.  This law comes after police raided the Little Bayou Club in Sulphur back in March where animal services collected 600 birds.

Cavenaugh explains, "Any time you have cockfighting you also have illegal drugs and you have tons of illegal activity.  To remove cockfighting from the community is to have a better community."

When it comes to enforcement, Cavenaugh says the parish animal service will first start by educating citizens about the changes if they're found in violation of the new ordinance.  After that, they'll have to face some stiff penalties.

Cavenaugh says, "If someone refuses to comply we will press charges.  We believe in education and responsible pet ownership.  The safety of the community and the safety of the animal are our drive and our mission."

And they're following that mission by strictly enforcing the rules created to protect both the community and man's best friend.

Click here to view the new pet laws.

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