Jeff Davis Water District #4 plans to stretch gallons further

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's a numbers game in Jeff Davis Water District #4, and the numbers are not adding up.

"The usage is up to five-hundred thousand gallons of water a day which is just putting the stress on our system," said Tony Sonnier.

That's nearly twice the normal usage.  The district has implemented a plan to stretch those gallons further.

"Basically, it's a security blanket to help alleviate some of the stress on the system just for precautionary measures," said Sonnier.

The districts' thirty-five hundred residents are spilt into two groups.  The groups are even numbered home addresses and those with odd.

The even numbered homes can water their yards and fill their swimming pools on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Odd numbers can do that on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.  Nobody can water their lawns on Sunday.

"If we tell everybody to water on Monday then we would have an extremely high usage and nothing on Tuesday. This is to try and split somewhat down the center to where we give the system a break," said Sonnier.

Currently, the Jeff Davis Water District #4 has two wells each putting out four hundred gallons of water a minute. Once they get a third well, they shouldn't have to initiate the watering program again.

"Once we get the upgrades like the new well, the storage tank and the distribution lines, we should not have this type of problem at all. This is just confirming that we do need to upgrade and update our system," said Sonnier.

Until the new system comes, district #4 will continue with their program unless more rain comes along.

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