House Bill 2454 cause protesters to hit the streets

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Some say it is the biggest tax increase in American history. House Bill 2454 requires power companies to supply an increasing percentage of their demand, over a time period spanning several years, from a combination of energy savings and renewable energy. This legislation has sparked some controversy.

"It is the largest tax to be passed in the history of America," said Helen Simon

People from within the community took to the streets in protest, even as the heat spell continues in Southwest Louisiana, a price they say, they are willing to pay to get the government to listen.

"I decided it was worth it to put off my Saturday plans and come out here, suffer through the heat and just come out here, and show that we are absolutely against this bill being passed," said Michael Greene.

"We are protesting that because we thought it was taxation without representation," said Helen Simon.

"Right now that is not the time for this, especially our state as a whole. Because we are a resource for the rest of the United States," said Randy Hebert.

Congressman Charles Boustany voted against the proposal and says this legislation will hurt industry, as well as individual citizens.

"The bill is a massive tax increase on every American. Whether you are filling up your car at the gas station or flipping on a light switch to use electricity, this bill is a blueprint for a unilateral economic disarmament of the United States."

The bill defines what is and is not green energies. And when companies go over the carbon emission cap they will be taxed. On top of passing that extra cost down to the consumer, Boustany said it also puts the United States at a competitive disadvantage in a global economic market.

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