Increase in dog attacks on postal workers

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - From the early morning hours through the hottest parts of the day, letter carriers are delivering mail.

They walk door to door for miles and miles, but the heat is not their biggest threat.

Equipped with coolers of fresh fruit, water bottles, and sunblock, they can prepare for the heat, but it's up to homeowners to protect them from another danger.

At least 4 letter carriers have been bitten by dogs this week and countless more barely escaped attacks.

"Please restrain your dogs, so our letter carriers can do their jobs, safely. So, they can get back to their families in the manner in which they came to work," said Officer in Charge, Denise Buell.

Buell thinks the heat plays a role in the increase in attacks.

"The heat caused many dogs temperment's to change. They're all hot and bothered, too," she said.

They're hoping to raise awareness to avoid filing law suits or service interuptions. Houses with threatening dogs will get a warning, then could be forced to get a P.O. box.

"Before that happens, it could be the whole block or the whole street that won't get mail. And, we by no means want to inconvenience anyone," she said, "But, it's safety first."

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