Lake area residents crazy for LSU championship shirts

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The LSU Tigers went crazy for their national championship title and on Thursday lake area residents were crazy for LSU championship T-shirts.

"I'd figured the shirts would be here and I was in the back when they came in so I came up to get some," said Jennifer Kershaw.

"I wanted a shirt. If they would've sold them sooner, I would've got them," said Scooter Holeman.

"We were all excited they won and we just wanted to surprise him and get him one," said Chandel Boykin.

"I knew they would be out today and have a good selection," said Brian Frederick.

"I'm a big LSU fan and I wanted to represent," said Hunter Jiavani.

"We wanted to get a shirt for my dad," said Zachry Jiavani.

The championship shirts arrived at Academy sports in Lake Charles around twelve o'clock.  Academy knew the turnout would be tremendous.

"We were expecting a huge turnout. They over purchased a lot of shirts just because we assumed people would buy them," said Charlie Pierce.

Tiger fans were hungry for the LSU championship T-shirts and they stocked up before they ran out.

"I got five of them for the family," said Judy Wix.

"Everybody wanted them and we ended up with ten," said Kershaw.

"I'll probably buy about five," said Holeman.

The shirts weren't the ones the players wore on the field but the fans were still satisfied.

"They're awesome. They look really cool," said Andrew LaFosse.

"They are wonderful. This is the color they played in and it's awesome," said Holeman.

"They look nice, good material and really good prices," said Boykin.

"I like them a lot but I like purple better. They still look good," said Kershaw.

If you didn't get your shirt, you might be out of luck because these shirts were flying off the racks.

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