DeRidder toddler laid to rest

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was a celebration of a life tragically cut short. 

"But we can't change it. But, we can change ourselves," said Reverend James Glass.

Authorities say Jeffrey Denby beat 18-month-old John Thomas Brewer to death. Denby is being held at the Beauregard Parish jail without bond. He's charged with first degree murder and second degree cruelty to a juvenile.

The Reverend says John Thomas is in a better place and while we can't undo what's been done, those who loved the toddler can see him again.

"And, I can't change what happened, and I can't bring my son back, but I can change my life so that someday I can join my son in the presence of God," said Glass.

Those who knew J.T. are thankful the child is finally safe.

"If you knew J.T., you knew he was pure. Pure. And that's what God wants from us, pure hearts," said one visitor.

"He's in a better place, and he was most definitely a blessing," said another friend of the family.

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