Westlake water back to normal color

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Remember Christine Earley?  She's the Westlake woman who showed 7News how dirty her tap water was Monday.  Now, nearly 24 hours later, Earley's water is back to normal.

She says, "Thank goodness they got it fixed.  It started clearly up around 3 o'clock.  We had to run the water through the pipes to get all of the stuff out and now it's a lot better."

Christine and her family are excited they can now go about their everyday tasks without worrying about what's lurking in their water.  However, not all residents north of Westlake have been washed of the dirty problem.

Water Works Manager Keith Hardesty says, "We have some exterior lines that are dead ends where people need to call and tell us that they're still having a problem with dirty water.  We're going to get out and flush that in the early morning when our reserve is built back up."

To help with the current situation, the Water Works District 4 has issued a mandatory water advisory for limited water usage until further notice.  They're asking all customers not to water their lawns or add water to swimming pools.

Hardesty says, "Enforcement?  We've never really talked about that.  We may have to disconnect temporarily if they continue to do it because this is critical.  We need all of our customers to understand if they want water in the homes, not to put it on the yards and stuff."

Christine Earley understands and asks all other water customers to comply with the advisory.

She says, "As long as everybody can kind of work together and just work through this hot spell that we're having and try to reserve the water as much as possible, that would be great."

So the days of having discolored water are down the drain.

For those customers who are still experiencing discolored water, they are asked to contact the water district office at 337-433-8353.

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