Break-ins and theft in Lacassine

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "A safe and quiet community." That's how the residents would describe Lacassine if you asked them last summer.

But lately, Sharon Ardoin doesn't even want to let her kids go outside alone to play.

"It's been different. We have a camera in the back now. We lock our doors all of the time," said Ardoin.

Early Friday morning, Sharon says someone came onto her car port, rolled her boat forward, and stole her husband's 4-wheeler. Her husband came home from work and noticed it missing. They immediately called the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office, filed a report, and put out a $500 reward for the 4-wheelers return.

"As I was going by different houses showing them the flier, that's when I was told about this being stolen and that being stolen by other people in the neighborhood," Sharon said.

At least four 4-wheelers were reported missing this month, plus several house break-ins and vandalism of the school.

It raised the question for some residents, who's protecting Lacassine? Small towns like Iowa, Fenton, and Welch have local police. But in unincorporated towns like Lacassine or Hathaway, who's on patrol?

The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office says deputies regularly patrol all parts of the parish and they've already arrested juveniles they believe to be responsible for breaking into the school.

"I don't know what the Sheriff's Office is doing. I just think it's getting worse and worse, and I don't hear of anything being done. Which, I'm not saying it hasn't been done."

But she is saying: The neighborhood is up in arms purchasing surveillance equipment and even weapons.

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