Dry conditions pose a threat to Southwest Louisiana

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For many, the warm weather is cause for fun in the sun. But with the lack of rain it is also the perfect recipe for danger. So far the Ward 3 Fire Department has responded to nine grass fires in the Lake Charles area.

"We are trying to be very cautious about this issue, because it is very hot and dry. You can look at your yard and tell that it is very dry," said Chief T.A. Jones with the Lake Charles Fire Department.

Recently in Carlyss, a landowner learned a lesson the hard way.

Due to these dry conditions a fire started to clear debris off of someone's property, got way out of control, turning into something far worse. According to the Carlyss Fire Department, they got the call around 12:30pm Saturday. By the time they arrived on the scene it was out of control. So they called Houston River Firefighters for backup. It took both crews nearly three hours to get the grass fire under control.

But Chief T.A. Jones said there are things you can do to make sure this does not happen.

"Be there handy while the fire is going. And then when it get to the evening time, put the fire out," said Chief Jones.

If you are located in the Ward 3 fire area you have to be granted a burn permit before you strike that match. But if you have things to burn right now, it will have to wait.

"We're not issuing any more permits until we get a significant amount of rain," said Chief Jones.

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