Juneteenth celebration in Welsh

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - It all started with a parade rolling down Welsh street.  For the first time ever, the Town of Welsh is celebrating Juneteenth and its meaning.

Welsh native Dr. Eva Baham says, "It has come to mean a day of celebration of the end of a couple hundred years of slavery in this country."

Dr. Edith P. Smith, also a Welsh native, says, "Even though our forefathers were enslaved, they were really giants that passed on beautiful qualities to us."

After the parade, residents then gathered at Richmond Park where they continued the celebration.  For some the inaugural celebration was about more than the freedom of slaves.

Resident Rosalind Hill says, "This year we're celebrating Juneteenth, but we're also celebrating our first black president so it's really exciting for me today."

The kids were also excited about the celebration.  In addition to some great food, there were inflatable slides and fun jumps for them. Overall, it seems they all had a great time.

The fun is just beginning at Richmond Park where there are events scheduled for the entire weekend. Among those events are a kickball tournament and a baseball tournament.

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