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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There have been closet space saving gadgets around for years.  The newest product goes by the name Wonder Hanger.  The claim of the Wonder Hanger is that with a simple lift and drop, you'll triple the space in your closet.  I opened the package to find eight bars with sixteen hooks.  Of course, some assembly required, but the steps were quick and simple.  Wonder Hangers assembled, let's check my closet.  It's a bit tight for filming, so we moved to another rack.

I said, "We're going to come out here and use this separate rack here.  I put three of the wonder hangers up.  We can fit five each on them.  Sow we're going to bring out fifteen different hangers with clothing on them and see if it actually conserves closet space."

So I gathered my clothes and hung them up one by one on the Wonder Hanger.  I used plastic and metal hangers of various shaped and sizes.  Originally the clothes took up 28" of space and hung at 44".  It was time to save some space.  It was simple, lift and drop.  I moved the clothes to one side and re-measured about 11" x 48".  So not quite tripled closet space, but close enough.  Let's try a more realistic looking closet space, which is probably why you'd buy these in the first place.

"Okay, this is a little more realistic.  We've managed to wedge forty different articles of clothing of different types here.  All different hangers as well in this 28" space.  With eight Wonder Hangers, five slots each, that makes forty.  We'll see if we can take this 28" down to about 9"," I said.  "After about five minutes of work, we only gained five inches with all eight Wonder Hangers here.  Even some of them having a little bit extra stress here which is two suits and three shirts on it; maybe reaching that twenty pound weight limit.  If you are trying to get an individual shirt out, well good luck.  I hope you have your iron ready because many of them got wrinkled."

If your closet is packed, don't depend on this rack to increase your space by three.  Wonder Hanger has no trouble hanging onto a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  A package of eight Wonder Hangers sells for $9.99 at a Lake Charles business.

Web Extra: The first time around, we fit fifteen regular hangers within the Wonder Hangers, taking up 28".  Without the Wonder Hangers, those same fifteen garments only took up about 12-13" of space.  So the Wonder Hangers only save about an inch total.  Of course you could have evenly spaced the garments across the 28" with generous space between them, but it seems that would defeat the purpose of needing a device to save space in the first place.  In each attempt, there was not a tripling of space on the rack.

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