LC Council bids farewell to two longtime councilmen

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One trip over the Calcasieu River Bridge after dark and you'll see why replacing the lights is a must. Until plans are finalized for a new bridge, the City of Lake Charles and Department of Transportation and Development have agreed on a cost share, where the city will pay up to 20 percent of the $450,000 price tag to install new LED lights.

Mayor Randy Roach says the City of Westlake and Parish will also make contributions to light the bridge. But Roach says until that happens, "DOTD has committed to upgrade the reflective striping on the median and shoulders of the bridge."

Lake Charles residents can expect to pay more for water and sewer come January 1, 2010. The council unanimously approved a measure to raise rates over the next five years to offset a $700,000 deficit.

And the list of projects is growing for downtown and lakefront development. The council amended the Downtown Development Authority's Lakefront Action Plan.

"Essentially this will be the framework of the work plan for the DDA for capital projects for the next period of time," said Downtown Development Director Lori Marinovich.

Before adjourning, goodbyes were in order for outgoing Councilmen Mike Huber and David Perry. Both thanked their constituents for letting them be a part of change.

"Whenever I got on the council there was not a river boat in town, we didn't have a mall, our Power Center was barely started, there were fewer schools in town. There's been a lot happening in the last 16 years and it's only looking back that you're able to see how much progress we've really made," said Councilman Huber, District G.

"You learn a lot of things being on the council. How much roads cost, a thousand dollars a foot, who would have ever thought that... Sewer and water trying to put them in there. But most exciting has been the lakefront development that we've worked on for 12 years and it's just been a lot of fun doing that and putting it together and seeing it finally come to fruition," said Councilman Perry, District D.

Taking over for Huber and Perry are Mark Eckard and John Ieyoub. Their first regular meeting will be July 1st.

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