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Black Car: Before & After Temperatures
Black Car: Before & After Temperatures

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's a summer staple we can all live without: getting into a hot, parked car.  It's time to see if the Auto Cool will beat the heat.  It's a solar powered fan that fits in the window of any car.  It claims to blow out hot air that builds up inside your car, keeping it cooler.  A thermometer in the shade of my car reads a stifling 118° in the heat of the 10am sun.  Let's try and lower that number on the thermometer.

I began to install the unit in my car window by first rolling it down.  The Auto Cool sits on the window, with the solar panel facing outward.  Then, I attached the weather stripping that block the cap left between the window and the frame once it's closed with the unit installed.  After about forty-five seconds of struggle, I managed to get the weather stripping secured and closed the window.

I said, "It's installed in my window and the fan is not running.  I'm judging that based off of it's probably not receiving direct sunlight on the solar panel, so we're going to try it on the other side of the vehicle to see if we can get the fan to work."

Off to the other side where the sun was a plenty.

I continued, "It's installed on this side and the fan seems to be working, so I'm going to head out of the car and we'll wait about fifteen minutes and see if it actually cooled the temperature down."

The fan ran intermittently as clouds passed in front of the sun.  The fifteen minutes passed and it was time to check the results.

"I'm sitting in my car.  It's still sweltering hot.  It doesn't feel any different than it did before I put the Auto Cool in.  It's been about fifteen minutes here.  The temperature on the thermometer is reading 117° which is only about a degree or a degree and a half lower," I explained.

It was time for another test, now in a darker vehicle.  The thermometer registered about 134° in the black car.  I installed the Auto Cool and after fifteen minutes, it only dropped about a degree and a half to 132°.  So the Auto Cool can't take the heat and gets a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Auto Cool sells for $16.99 at a local business.  It comes with a bonus rubberized foam car cup organizer in case you decide to make the purchase!

Web Extra: I left the unit in the black car for about an hour while writing and editing my story for TV.  The internal car temperature even climbed at one point in the hot, unobstructed afternoon sun while the Auto Cool was running.  Leaving the windows cracked without the Auto Cool allowed some heat to escape, which lowered the temperature a few degrees.

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