7Teen Report: Teens get ahead this summer

Reported by 7Teen Reporter Karley Picou

Boarding a school bus during the summer is not your typical scene, but some students are giving up their summer to go to school.

Barbe sophomore Alexander Horowicez is taking advanced placement world history.

Alexander says, "During my next few years in high school, I'm probably going to take more A.P. classes so I can be ready for college and I can get those subjects so I can take other stuff I want to take in college."

More than 200 students are now taking new credit high school classes at Lake Charles-Boston Academy.

Classes range from history to math and Spanish to computer applications.

Charles Adkins is the principal.

Adkins says, "The thing about this new credit summer school, it allows some students to take courses either to catch up on their credits or to get ahead in their credits, and if they get ahead on their credits that allows them to take another course at their own school the next school year, maybe a more advanced course they didn't have room for in their schedule."

The summer schedule can be tough.

The classes are three hours, 45-minutes long, Monday through Friday, June through July.

David Douglas will be a junior at Washington Marion.

David says, "The work is more compact. we have to do probably like a chapter a day or a week, not even a week, like two days, so it's more work to finish the chapters up."

History teacher Ken Brown says students are learning the same material in the summer as they would during the school year.

Brown says, "I think in summer, it's easier because for a lot of the kids it's the only class they're taking, so they don't have to worry about four or five different subjects at a time. They just have one subject at a time."

Even though these students are choosing to go to school year round, they know that it will pay off in the future.